Why Online Dating Is the New Norm

is online dating the new norm

Modern-day fairytales don't start with Cinderellas going to social gatherings and meeting their princes over music and dancing. Instead, we now have princesses sitting on couches in their pajamas, sipping wine, and scrolling through one of many dating apps.


There's no doubt that dating apps have taken the world by storm. Just think about how many times you've heard a love story that begins with "We met online...". But why is online dating the new norm? And more importantly, is that a good thing?


Emoji Hearts and Roses


Love sonnets and meeting someone through your friends and family have all but gone extinct. But we can't say we are all that surprised. With the entire world going digital, it's only normal for Cupid to do the same. As a result, dating apps have become the new way we meet, connect, and fall in love — and they do not disappoint.


Instant messages, countless potential partners only a swipe away, and knowing if you share interests and hobbies with someone before you even met them are only a few of the many advantages of dating platforms. Not gonna lie — not having to go through the whole process of getting ready and leaving your home just to end up on a bad date is also a huge plus. With dating apps, you can judge if someone is worth your time after just a few messages!


Not to mention that it's so much easier to strike up a conversation with someone over a message than in a bar filled with people. The worst scenario that can happen is someone ghosting you until you get the message.


With so many benefits of swiping and typing your way into someone's heart, it's no wonder that the majority of couples today meet through online dating. And this $6.4 billion industry really takes its job seriously. Not only do you have countless dating apps to choose from, but you can also pick the one that caters to more specific needs than the simple "I'm single, and I don't like it".


Today, there are apps for heterosexuals, confident women, quick and easy hookups, serious relationship seekers, the LGBT community, conversation seekers, marriage suitors, and more. Simply choose the one that fits your checklist and set up a profile. It's quick and easy, and it works!


Love after the big Corona


We are still recovering from everything that has happened since the beginning of 2020. But it looks like some habits we adopted during this period are here to stay. Working from a home office, obsessively disinfecting our hands, and virtual dating are just a few of them.


Of course, dating apps have existed long before the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. But thanks to social distancing, lockdowns, and other pandemic-related restrictions, such apps have seen a surge in users in the past two years. People generally crave companionship, so when face-to-face interactions were not possible, they quickly found a new way to connect. It seems that that was enough to change how we date permanently.


In digital fairytales, not only do we now show our interest by swiping right, but the potential partner has to go through several obstacles until they are proven worthy. We are not talking about dragons and thorns but various social media platforms. Namely, during the COVID-19 pandemic, meeting in person was out of the question. So, to check the identity of the person behind the profile picture, we had to become creative.


That's why, after you met someone on a dating app, you had to move the chat to Facebook or Instagram and borderline cyberstalk their profiles. The next step was FaceTiming and video chatting, and virtual apartment tours. If you were lucky, you got invited to visit their island on Animal Crossing too. During lockdowns, virtual coffee dates and candlelit dinners over video chats became the new normal.


Dating in the Post-Pandemic World


Our growing ease with virtual dating didn't end with the pandemic-related restrictions. And why would it? It is much better to have a fun conversation with someone while relaxing at home. At least you don't have to try to impress them with your makeup or attractive clothes.


Another huge advantage is that online dating is cheaper than regular dating. With the tight economy in the post-pandemic world, that says a lot.


According to research by Match.com, on average, in-person dating costs more than a hundred bucks a night. On the other hand, with online dating, you get multiple dates without drinks, dinner, or Uber fare attached. The only cost is your monthly subscription to a dating app of your choosing.


So, Is Online Dating a Good Thing?


Definitely, yes. In an ideal world, we would always have enough time and money (and the WHO's permission) for an old-fashioned face-to-face date. However, we can only do best with what we have — and in an instant, high-speed, digital world we live in, that's dating with the help of an app.


So, in the spirit of accepting the new norm, sit back on your couch, throw on your most comfortable clothes, and have fun with dating apps. You will probably have to send kissing emojis to hundreds of frogs until you find the prince or princess. But your own digital fairytale is so worth it! Who knows, that special someone might be swiping their way to you right now!


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