G-Spot Vibrator

Our Reason for Being

At Viola Green, we are all about embracing healthy sexuality and intimacy while doing what we can to care for the planet that has done so much for us. We make elegant sexual wellness products purposefully designed to complement your intimate moments. We only use sustainable materials, along with eco-friendly packaging and mailing bags to reduce our impact on the environment. We also contribute a portion of our profit to environmental initiatives aiding in ocean cleanup efforts and local tree planting initiatives in Australia.


Basically, we are on a mission to make the world a happier, sexier, more sustainable place - one orgasm at a time.


Through our 'Pay it Forward program,' we pledge to donate 5% of our profits to help positively impact vital environmental causes, and for every product sold, we will plant a tree locally here in Australia.

  • We're driving towards creating a brighter future for all of us.
    With each purchase, you're not only making a commitment to your sexually wellbeing – you're also supporting cleaner oceans for aquatic life and contributing to local tree planting initiatives to support our native species as well. Your choice to shop with us is driving real change in these crucial areas. Together, we're fostering a more sustainable world and brighter prospects for the future.

  • Our 'Pay it Forward' program makes sure that these organisations get the much-needed funding that is essential for them to continue the great work they do.

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Our Personal code of conduct

As a sustainable business, our personal code of conduct is ingrained in everything we do. We are committed to creating products that are both pleasurable and ethical. By using eco-friendly materials we prioritise ethical practices and can ensure that we are doing our part to be a responsible brand.

We continue to audit our business to discover ways to operate in line with our sustainable values and be an industry leader in the sustainable sexual wellness space.

We will continually seek ways to operate in alignment with our values. We're dedicated to ongoing audits and improvements to maintain our status as an industry leader in sustainable sexual wellness.

As we grow, our 'Pay it Forward' program will evolve to provide essential funding to organizations tackling important environmental challenges, ensuring they have the resources to scale and thrive. Join us on this journey to make a difference – one pleasure-filled moment at a time.

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