A Guide to Sustainable Lubricants (and Toy Cleaners)

Sustainable lubes

Ever thought about merging the thrills of your bedroom escapades with the more sustainable vibes? Dive into the wonderful world of sustainable intimacy!


From eco-friendly lubricants that'll make your toes curl (for more reasons than one!) to sustainable toy cleaners ensuring your gadgets remain squeaky clean and green—let's embark on this sensuous, slippery slide into a more conscious kind of passion. After all, it's not just the climate that's getting heated!


Why Choose Sustainable Lubricants?


Imagine this: You're setting the mood, dimming the lights, and reaching for that bottle of lube. Now, wouldn't it be a total mood enhancer to know that your choice is also safe for your body?


Opting for a natural lube isn't just about making your intimate moments slicker than a penguin on an ice slide. It's about embracing an eco-conscious bedroom lifestyle where pleasure meets healthy choices.


And let's not forget about the aftermath. Your toys deserve the same eco-love! Investing in a sustainable toy cleaner ensures your gadgets stay in tip-top shape while also preventing harmful chemicals from ending up in landfills. After all, who says you can't keep things steamy and sustainable?


The Lowdown on Ingredients (It's Not Just Salad Dressing!)


When it comes to what we're slathering on our bits, the list should be as clean as our conscience, right? Unfortunately, that's not always the case.


The Sneaky Nasties


Parabens, glycerin, and petroleum? Eek! Not exactly the trio you want crashing your intimate party.


Parabens, for starters, are synthetic preservatives known to mess with our hormonal systems. And, once washed away, they might just linger around, potentially harming aquatic life. Glycerin? Well, while it might sound sweet, it can upset our body's natural balance down there.


And petroleum? It’s certainly a buzzword in discussions surrounding harmful substances in personal products. This oil is non-biodegradable, which means it sticks around for far longer than we’d like. The effects might not be immediately apparent, but over time, they accumulate, posing potential risks to our well-being.


By ditching these baddies, you're not only treating your body like the temple it is but also making more eco-friendly choices.


Natural Goodness


Ah, nature. Not only does she give us sunsets, cute bunnies, and the occasional rainbow, but she's also the source of organic ingredients perfect for eco-friendly lubricants. We're talking aloe vera, coconut oil, and even seaweed extracts. These wonders have more in common than just being amazing for our bodies—they're kind to the environment, too.


And speaking of kind... have you ever given water-based lubes a thought? Not only are they renowned for their gentle touch, but being predominantly water means they're often biodegradable and considered more eco-friendly.


Top Picks: Lubing Up the Eco-Way


  1. Hathor Pure The Original


This brand has whipped up the lubes that are the epitome of nature-loving indulgence. With eco-certified ingredients, their offerings are water-based, free from parabens and glycerin, and as neutral as Switzerland with no taste. Plus, for the vegan warriors and toy enthusiasts—it's a total win-win!


  1. Astroglide Organix Liquid Personal Lubricant


This plant-based lube sidesteps all the drama, leaving out the alcohol (who wants drying and irritation?), glycerin (again, no thanks to drying and irritation), and those sneaky parabens (total endocrine party crashers). Talk about keeping it real and pure! Plus, petroleum products? Bye, Felicia!


However, a little heads up for the latex lovers out there—this one's not your match.


  1. Aloe Cadabra Natural Aloe Lubricant


If the magic trick you're looking for is pure, unadulterated moisture, then voila! Opt for this 100% Aloe Vera magic potion. Just remember, not everyone's skin is a fan of Aloe's charms, so maybe do a little patch test before the main event.


  1. Astroglide Organix Liquid Personal Lubricant


Certified organic ingredients, free from flavors, fragnances, hormones, and parabens. It's a water-based sensation, keeping things harmoniously pH-balanced.


Clean Up in Aisle... Bedroom? Sustainable Toy Cleaners!


Well, party-goers, we've all been there. You've had a blast, and then you're left with the aftermath. But we're not talking confetti on the floor—we're diving into the bedroom's cleanup zone.


  1. Intimate Earth Green Foaming Toy Cleaner


Picture this: A concoction brewed with the aromatic goodness of tea tree oil, the calming essence of lavender, and the exotic charm of guava bark. Intimate Earth's foaming delight is the garden-fresh approach to sustainable toy cleaners. Just remember, toys need tender loving care, too—take out those batteries and be careful around those motors.


  1. JO Organic Naturalove Sex Toy Cleaner


Looking for an eco-warrior in a bottle? Enter this cleaner with over 95% organic ingredients that scream 'Safe and efficient!”. Designed to treat your toys right, it doesn't just clean—it cherishes. Ensuring the longevity and quality of your saucy sidekicks, this formula is the green thumbs-up we've all been waiting for.


  1. Drip Sex Toy Cleaner


Drip’s got the recipe down for all silicone, rubber, or latex aficionados out there. This wonder spray is here to prep your toys for the encore they deserve. Keeping it friendly for your nether regions, it ditches alcohol but still manages to kill 99.9 percent of germs.


For the ultimate clean? A spritz, a rinse, a wipe, and voila—fresh as a daisy and ready to play!


Love, Laugh, Lube


Sustainable intimacy isn't just a whimsical fad. It's like that comfy pair of undies you wear on special occasions—essential, timeless, and oh-so-delightful. Just think of eco-friendly lubricants as the cherry on top of your green sundae. With every slide, glide, and pleasurable ride, we're not just saying 'hello' to intimate fun; we're giving sustainability a sultry wink, too!

Read our article on the Eco-Sex revolution, how the sex toy industry is moving towards sustainable materials.


And when the party winds down? A green toy cleaner awaits, ensuring the celebrations are both eco-friendly and afterparty-ready. So, lovers, let's raise a toast—to love, laugh, and lube. All while making our conscious blush with pride, one sensual moment at a time!

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