Recycling sex toys

Beyond Recyclable: How to Dispose of Adult Toys

Recycling your vibey buddies


Since ancient times, adult toys have been our constant companions. They have saved us from many lonely nights and gave us countless hours of fun.


But what happens when your toy fizzles out? What happens with all those broken bedroom gadgets and sad, old dildos that have danced their last dance? Do they get a dignified end, or do they finish their story rotting away among the piles of junk?


If you've been wondering what to do with that box of old toys you keep under your bed, you are in the right place. Here, we talk about what you can do with used adult toys aside from sending them to the nearest landfill.


The "Sticky" Issue: A Landfill Affair


Perhaps you are one of those people who already shipped their once beloved toy on their last journey to the trash can wrapped in ten layers of old paper (because, nosy neighbors). If so, you are definitely not alone. Did you know that a whopping 222 million tonnes of "intimate" trash (toys, lubes, and condoms) ends up in the UK landfill every year?


And if you thought, phew, that’s a whole other continent, think again. Your dead vibrator is just one tiny part of the piles and piles of kinks and remnants of long-forgotten steamy nights just laying out there in the open in Australian landfills. Talk about our country’s dirty secret!


Since that is not exactly the kind of legacy we want to leave to future generations, maybe—just maybe—it's time to rethink this tango with the trash. After all, you don't want someone else rummaging through your steamy leftovers, do ya?


Biowaste or Bio-what?


Isn't it sad how quickly a toy can go from your favorite vibe to a 'biowaste'? Yep, it's true. Once they leave their designated spot in your bedside drawer, dildos, wands, and butt plugs don't really have their place among the regular trash, and in some places, they even get dubbed as dangerous for public health.


Why? Well, most of the toys consist of several different materials, such as plastic and silicone, and include electronic parts, making them difficult to recycle. And even if you have time and patience to break them into parts, your friendly neighborhood recycling center probably won't take them due to hygiene issues. And let's not forget about the taboo that still makes sex toys frowned upon, even as trash.

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The result? Our cherished toys hover in a grey area.


"Down Under" Solutions: Australian Recycling Initiatives


So, as an average Aussie, what can you do with a toy you wish to get rid of? If you thought a local recycling program would take care of that for you, you are in for an unpleasant surprise.


Contrary to what one might assume, Australia doesn't have a glittering track record for recycling in general. And when it comes to our beloved toys? Well, there's a plot twist.


No dedicated sex toy recycling facilities or schemes wave their flags here. Bit of a bummer, right? It's a DIY scene where consumers are left doing the detective work, deciphering the materials that make up these gadgets (and their sneaky packaging) to dispose of them responsibly.


That said, there are some companies willing to lend a helpful hand. They have embraced the challenge of turning our intimate indulgences from potential biowaste to recycled wonder. Steering clear of the intricate details (because, well, mystery is spicy), they're pioneering the transformation of potential biowaste into something reusable, sustainable, and oh-so-eco-friendly.


Ways to Bid a Green Goodbye to Your Old Toys


Alright, it's curtain call time for that trusty toy of yours. But hold on, before you show it the exit door, let's sprinkle some eco-glitter on its farewell parade. Parting doesn't always mean trashing, especially if we've got sustainability on our minds! We're talking an eco-friendly encore that's grander, greener, and more glam.


  1. Upcycling: It might have lost its original sparkle, but parts of your toy could be repurposed! Maybe it's an artsy project, or perhaps a DIY home accessory? Get creative!


  1. Eco-bricking: Ever heard of this? Broken pieces can be safely encased in plastic bottles, which then serve as building blocks for innovative construction. Your toy, a future wall? Now, that's legacy!


  1. Specialized disposal: Some places might not recycle adult toys in a conventional way, but they could offer a program for safe, eco-friendly disposal. A bit of research can uncover these hidden gems.


With so many sustainable choices in our arsenal, your toy's grand finale could be more encore-worthy than its debut. Remember, every saucy gadget deserves a green encore. It's a feel-good, do-good send-off that's a salute to both pleasure and the planet.


Eco-Friendly Alternatives: Before They Hit the Bin


Before we resign our cherished adult toys to the depths of landfills, let's rethink the narrative. Imagine a world where passion pairs with eco-compassion, letting you spice things up while also not contributing to plastic waste.


The scoop? Not every playmate needs a one-way ticket to the dump. Picture this: sustainable materials, long-lasting design, and—dare we say—recyclability? The adult toy arena is brimming with green gems if you just know where to look. Think of these as the superheroes of passion that are saving the day (and the night, if you know what I mean).


So, in your next sensual shopping spree, why not pick the eco-champion? It's like finding that perfect dance partner who also cares about sustainability. Win-win!


Spicing Up Sustainability


From that sultry bedroom drawer to the final curtain drop in the bin, the life cycle of our trusty toys is quite the drama! But here's the spicy twist: with a sprinkle of awareness and a dash of eco-passion, our sensual escapades can be both sizzling and sustainable. No longer mere biowaste, but eco-champions!


So, as we dive deep into our next amorous adventure, let's remember: recycling isn't just for newspapers and cans. It's for those intimate little secrets, too, turning each rendezvous into a sustainable love story.



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