Rediscovering Your Sexuality After a Relationship

Rediscover your sexuality after a breakup

When a relationship ends, more than one thing can break with it. You might find yourself struggling to make new plans and goals for the future or to change your daily routine. Moreover, you may have a hard time trusting others again and building a sense of self, causing you to lose interest in dating new people. Feelings of sexual insecurity are also quite common in this stage.


But over time, feelings of loneliness and disappointment will ease, and you will find the motivation to move on. At that point, you might open up to the idea of being with someone else or taking control of your own sexual satisfaction. However, it might take some time to rediscover your sexuality after a painful breakup. So, let's take a look at how to boost your libido and start enjoying yourself once again.


You Are Single — Embrace It and Relish in It


Since you are now single, you finally have the time to focus only on yourself and your needs. That is a perfect opportunity to learn how to love yourself.


Accepting and appreciating who you are can make you more content in the long run. The happier you are, the sexier and more confident you become because there's nothing more attractive than a person who knows their value.


As a result, you will become more approachable, which will give you an opportunity to meet potential partners. You will also start noticing the emotionally healthier ones among the lot and choose the one worthy of your amazing self.


So, take the time when you are single and on top of the world to improve yourself — but do it for yourself, not as a reaction to your ex. Now is the best time to try that hairstyle you always wanted or start building healthy habits. Working on bettering yourself can give you a confidence boost.


You can also use the extra time to hang out with your friends and work on improving your mental health. Make plans and goals for the future and work on achieving them. Or you can travel and try something you've never tried before.


Being sexual doesn't mean having sex. It's feeling good in your own skin. It's also about harmony and a love of life. So, if you wish to rediscover your sexuality after a relationship, start with improving the quality of your life.



Love Your Naked Self


Let's be honest: most people don't look like runway models or Hollywood stars. We have flaws and imperfections. Luckily, that has nothing to do with looking and feeling sexy.


So, take off your clothes and stand in front of a mirror. You might see some parts you want to improve, and that's okay. But no matter what, you are beautiful, and you should say it to yourself often and out loud.


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Get comfortable with your naked body by walking around and sleeping without clothes. It will help you love your body the way it is. Moreover, the next time you have someone over, you will feel more comfortable being naked in front of them.



Improve Your Solo Play


Just because you are currently not dating somebody does not mean you should skip all the fun. To have a healthy sex life and mind-blowing orgasms, you don't technically need a partner — that's what masturbation is for. Thus, use the single status to explore your body and get some satisfaction with no strings attached.


Solo pleasure will also help you relieve stress, release built-up sexual tension, and improve mood and sleep. But a more important benefit of masturbating regularly is an increased libido. When you up your solo play, you will start having more sexual thoughts and responding better to sexual stimulation.


Did you know that there are 24 types of orgasms? Start exploring them! You can even make it a mission to experience each and every one of them.


Invest in a new sex toy, and change your masturbation routine, location, and technique. You can also include visual or auditory stimulation like porn and music. It doesn't always have to end up in an orgasm. Masturbation is about self-pleasuring and making yourself feel good, which is why you don't need to expect a release every time.



Know Your Boundaries


Having sex and letting someone new get that close to you is hard, especially after a tough breakup. For this reason, you should wait until you are really ready to get back in the game. The thought of sleeping with other people should excite you, not scare you. When that happens, you should be aware of your desires and boundaries and communicate them openly to your new partner.


Final Thoughts


All in all, it will probably take some time to rediscover your sexuality after a bad breakup. But it is up to you to decide when and how you want to move on. Allow yourself to heal and work on your mental health and physical appearance. Become a better version of yourself, for yourself.


Doing so will increase your confidence, and you will learn to enjoy being single. So, take time to fall in love with yourself before you allow someone else to love and pleasure you.



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