Rabbit Vibrators: Everything You Need to Know

Rabbit Vibrators: Everything You Need to Know

Remember when your parents brought home a fluffy little bunny, and it was just the cutest thing ever? Well, the bunny we’re talking about here is just as adorable but much naughtier. Oh, and it runs on batteries.


Sure, it’s not fluffy, and you probably won’t show it to your friends, but it‘ll bring you just as much joy. On that note, get ready to meet your new pet — the rabbit vibrator.


It’s sleek and cheeky and knows exactly what you like. Plus, this bunny won’t chew your electric cords!


What Are Rabbit Vibrators?


If you’ve never used one, the thought of rabbit vibrators may seem odd. I mean, why on Earth would you want fuzzy critters in your sex toy collection?


As it turns out, bunny vibrators were a way to work around strict laws that banned sex toys. Long story short, in 1983, a Japan-based company, Vibratex, found a loophole by creating colorful animal-shaped adult toys that looked like anything but. Sneaky, right?


However, those bunny ears aren’t just for show. Thanks to them, rabbit vibrators are masters of dual stimulation, hitting two sweet spots at once (at least).


Specifically, they offer internal and external tingling at the same time — and it’s amazing!


Why Are Rabbit Vibrators the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?


Besides being darn cute, a rabbit vibrator will spice up your bedroom antics — big time! But what exactly makes this toy so special?


First of all, bunny vibrators are pros at multitasking. Seriously, you get a G-spot stimulator and clitoris massager in a single toy. Some bunnies even add anal play into the equation. In other words, they hit all the right spots!


Since it covers all bases, a bunny vibrator is an express ride to the big O. Not only that, but the dual action can lead to a longer and more intense climax. Double the stimulation — double the fun! And those mindblowing multiple orgasms? Yes, please!

How to Use a Rabbit Vibrator: Playtime


Even if you’ve never held a buzzing bunny in your hands before (or any sex toy, for that matter), no worries; the gameplay is easy-peasy and full of excitement. It’s like your first time playing with Nintendo Switch, only raunchier.


For starters, get comfy. Put on some sexy music, light a candle, maybe have a glass of the good old sparkling — whatever gets you in the mood.


Next, you’ll need lube. It’s like a magic elixir, making everything nice and smooth. Choose one that’s safe for your body and won’t compromise your toy. And don't forget about the planet; use an eco-friendly lube for guilt-free fun.


Once your bunny is all nice and slippery, grab the handle, and the party can start. Whether you go with penetration or keep it on the surface, try out different positions and angles to find what drives you wild.


And don't be afraid to tinker with the settings. Play around with vibration modes and intensity to discover all the feels. From there, just go with the flow.


Once you’re done playing, don’t forget to clean your bunny. Give it a good scrub with soap and water or a sustainable cleaner, and let it dry. Then, keep it nice and cozy in a dry and clean spot until you’re ready for another round.


How to Spot the Perfect Bunny


Time to go hunting, ladies. When picking your rabbit vibrator, you’re not just shopping — you’re investing in a pleasure-filled future. If you choose wisely, your toy will serve you loyally, turning your bedroom escapades into dazzling festivities that end with fireworks.


So, it is a big decision. But, as long as you know what you want, it’s easy to narrow down your choices and find the plaything that checks all the boxes.


Choose Your Type and Size


Sure, all bunny toys have the same aim: working multiple spots for your pleasure! Yet, they come in all shapes and sizes. While some of these bad boys sport a curved internal arm for easy G-spot stimulation, others are more straight.


And the external arm? It can be soft and flexible — just like a bunny’s ears. Or it could be more like a bullet vibrator.


As for the size, there’s quite a range. Thanks to that, everyone can find just the right fit.


Of course, there’s no right or wrong here — it’s all about personal tastes. Ultimately, pick what you like, and let it rock your world!




Do you want your toy to caress you like a summer breeze, or do you crave earth-shattering quakes? Some rabbit vibrators will tickle your erogenous zones with gentle vibes, and others will shake you up like a sexy version of a roller-coaster.


Naturally, it’s best to opt for one with a wide range of speeds and intensities. That way, you won’t have to choose between slow sways and quick quivers — you can have it all!




While some vibrators purr like kittens, others sound more like your average tiger. If you’d rather keep your sexy playtime hush-hush, consider the noise level before making a purchase.


Spicy Add-Ons


The world of sex toys is quite a buffet; you’ve got your bunny vibrators, plain and simple, and you’ve got toys with various saucy perks. Those perks can be anything, from heating function to anal play add-ons. So, do you prefer a good old classic rabbit or a bunny with a surprising twist? It’s up to you!




Last but definitely not least, you should consider the materials. And it’s not just about the texture and the feel — it’s about safety as well. To keep your sultry adventures as wholesome as they’re sexy, go with phthalate-free and non-porous toys made of body-safe materials like silicone, stainless steel, or ABS plastic.


A stellar example of safety in sexiness is Essence — a rabbit vibrator crafted from silicone and ABS. Not only is it harmless to your body, but this bunny is kind to the environment, too. Plus, it’s quiet and lets you customize the vibes however you please. Oh, and it can heat up for some temperature play. How hot is that?


Time to Get Playful


As you can see, rabbit vibrators are as powerful as they’re cute, and if you let them, they’ll usher in a whole new era of delight into your bedroom. Ready to dive down that rabbit hole and arrive at new depths of pleasure? If that’s a yes, choose your perky-eared fighter, and feel the earth move!

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